Water Treatment

Treatment Plant Division

The City of Rawlins Water Treatment Plant is committed to its fundamental objective of providing water service of the highest quality for drinking and general municipal uses for the City of Rawlins and The Town of Sinclair.

Department Description
The City of Rawlins treats water for the City of Rawlins and the Town of Sinclair. On average we treat between 1.2 million gallons in the winter and up to five million gallons in the summer. Our water sources include the water that comes from the Sage Creek Basin, the North Platte River, and three wells in The Nugget Foundation. We also pump water to Rochelle Ranch Golf Course.

Visit the USDA Sno-Tel weather station in Sage Creek Basin to view the daily readings.

Wastewater Treatment

The mission of the City of Rawlins Wastewater Treatment Plant is to operate the plant to meet federal and state regulations in order to protect public health and the environment.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant has the capability of treating up to eight million gallons per day. This is the maximum amount available from the water plant. We treat between one and a half and two million gallons of wastewater a day.

We remove the solids and the grit from the wastewater daily. The water then goes to our ponds where the majority of the treatment is done, until we release the water back into the North Platte River. We discharge our wastewater twice a year, only after we perform numerous tests to make sure the water is suitable to be returned to the river.

Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at: 42 Water Treatment Road
Water Treatment Plant is located at: 401 State Highway 71
Water Quality Report (PDF)



The City of Rawlins won Best Drinking Water in the State at the Wyoming Association of Rural Water Conference in Casper on August 27, 2020. Water from around the state was judged on clarity, odor and taste. We also received 2nd place in 2019.